Everything on this page is so old, I really need to completely re-do the whole site.
But I don't have time, so please excuse any dead links or outdated info.

When I created this site, I planned to write some ATV-related books, but hasn't happened. I am an Independent Amsoil Dealer and I use Amsoil in my ATVs, truck, cars, and almost everything that moves around here. Currently, I only stock products for my personal use, but feel free to order what you need through my website.

Click here for a FREE AMSOIL Product Catalog.

Lets face it, ATVing is FUN!  So much fun (in Colorado and Utah, anyhow) that I neglected my poor old Camaro for a LONG time!

I'm finally starting to work on the Camaro again.  You can keep track of the progress on my PhotoBucket Site and on my Facebook album.

After I moved to TN, I joined the Commemorative Air Force, B29/B24 Sq and volunteered & worked on the Memphis Belle until she was taken away and moved to the National Museum of the Air Force at Dayton, Ohio.  Here are my photos of the Belle and her parts, and some of the MBMA crew at work.   I did manage to get in enough hours to earn the "Memphis Belle Restoration Crew" T-shirt before they took her away. 






"Fighting for access to America’s public lands is a tough battle.  The "Do Not Enter" groups have a long head start on us. However, with reasonable, responsible solutions, we can prevail, but only if we Act Now!"
- Americans for Responsible Recreation Area




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